Pier A and Terminal 1 Airside Extension - Fiumicino Airport

Design: 2008 - 2016

Works supervision and safety coordination: 2017-2022

The construction of Pier A and the Forepart, which is nearing completion, represents one of the milestones of the Airport Development Plan with a direct capacity increase of approximately 6 million passengers/year departing from the eastern sector of the Terminal System.
The pier has two operational levels dedicated to passengers, with 13 boarding gates equipped with loading bridges and 10 remote gates, as well as a basement level dedicated to plant and contact plazas.
The primary design drivers are aimed at:  

  • High architectural quality of spaces;
  • Maximising operational flexibility;
  • Centrality of the passenger experience;
  • Expansion of spaces for circulation and operating subsystems;
  • Easy and 'natural' orientation of passenger flow routes;
  • High energy performance with the objective of achieving LEED certification for Pier A.

The works are also aimed at favouring the inclusion of natural lighting.
In addition to the areas dedicated specifically to passengers, the project also includes technological, mechanical, water/fire, electrical and special systems, as well as works relating to the rainwater drainage system for the buildings and adjacent piers.

The Pier A is fully operational for passengers since May 2022.