General Aviation - Ciampino airport

Design: 2016

Works supervision and safety coordination: 2016-2017

The General Aviation Terminal is dedicated to the luxury private flights of business and leisure passengers.
The objective of the project was the complete transformation of the existing Terminal with a significant renovation that covered both the architectural and plant engineering aspects as well as the functional aspects and services offered. The organisation of the spaces has been completely re-imagined, maximising the areas dedicated specifically to passengers and adopting high quality finishes and furnishings with the target passengers in mind.

All aspects of the design, construction and subsequent operation followed the LEED environmental sustainability protocol and the Terminal has been certified LEED GOLD.
Specific attention has been paid to energy, with the installation of solar panels on the roof and the adoption of an integrated system of water-saving strategies. Particular care was taken in the design of the outdoor greenery, for which only native Mediterranean plants were selected, with an excellent landscape design result.