New Runway 16R/34L- Fiumicino airport

Design: 2015 - 2016

The new runway 16R/34 L, adjacent to and closely connected to the existing airport site, will increase the capacity of the airside system in line with expected traffic demand.
Given the complexity and uniqueness of the work, the design started with a preliminary optioneering, which allowed us to evaluate the possible alternatives in a multi-criteria system and identify the one that could guarantee the best performance. Account has been taken of the multiple constraints on the functionality of the airport system in its airside and land-side matrixes.
The final result of the new flight infrastructure with a length of 3,300 metres guarantees full operation for all aircraft up to the maximum commercial class (ICAO code F) both in take-off with a balanced runway and in landing.
In line with current regulations, the new runway has been equipped with a runway strip 3,420m long (i.e. 60m beyond the runway end) and 280m wide (i.e. 140m on each side of the runway axis), and RESA areas measuring 240 x 120m.
Due to the particular nature of the terrain in the area, the southern section of the fourth runway will be built on embankments made of innovative lightened material. This solution guarantees the best results in terms of cost/benefit analysis by minimising excavations and monitoring the evolution of flight infrastructure failures over a 50-year time frame.From a hydraulic point of view, the drainage system provides for the treatment of platform water before it is released into the natural network. The latter will be enhanced by doubling the low water channel to handle contributions from both the reclamation areas and the infrastructure of the fourth runway.
The fourth runway will be equipped with facilities for instrument use in the highest category (CAT III).