Boarding area E Fiumicino airport

Design: 2003 - 2007
Work Direction and Safety Coordination: 2008 - 2016

The new Boarding Area E, which opened to passengers at the end of 2016, was the first significant step in the capacity-building process linked to the Airport Development Plan and has a capacity of around 6 million departing passengers per year.
The project comprises two main blocks, the Forepart and Pier E, connected to the existing Terminal 3 by four pedestrian bridges.
The forepart is organised into three passenger levels and houses 8 remote boarding gates on the plaza level and services on the two upper levels. The main gallery, in particular, offers the passenger everything they need while waiting for boarding. These include the shops of the main Made in Italy brands on either side of a pathway that winds its way through the various seating areas and overlooks the upper level, which is contains many restaurants and lounges.


Continuing along the passenger route, you reach the pier, organised on three levels. The main level is dedicated to the 14 boarding gates with loading bridges, two of which are suitable for class F aircraft. The upper level includes the corridors dedicated to arriving passengers, and the plaza level contains the automated system for security control and sorting of departing baggage.

High standards of technology and passenger experience, quality of interiors, inclusion of natural lighting and a building design with strong distinctive features are among the main factors for the design.